MIDI Projucer Settings, Ableton Live, Arrpeggiator

I am working my way through the various JUCE tutorials and I have a question about the arpeggiator tutorial. When I build it and test it in the JUCE AudioPluginHost, it works just fine. When I build it and try to use it in Ableton Live, Live seems to think that it is an Audio effect, not a MIDI effect. Live will only allow me to place the plugin after an instrument, not before it as would normally be the case with a MIDI Effect.

I have tried various settings in the Projucer settings panel - Plugin MIDI Output, Plugin MIDI Input, MIDI Effect Plugin. I have tried a number of different combinations of those settings and they effect the parameters available in Audio Plugin Host but not in Live.

Are there other settings that I should be looking at? I am new to JUCE and am working my way through as many tutorials as I can so if this information is covered somewhere and I missed it, I apologize but I would love a pointer to where I should look to learn this.

It may unfortunately be the case that Ableton Live just does not support 3rd party MIDI VST effects. Have you encountered any from 3rd parties that do work?

edit : Perhaps a workaround available :


That worked. I had tried something like that before but I think that I had accidentally not armed both tracks. Thanks for the link.

Having this issue now and the thread on Ableton’s site is now gone. What did the workaround consist on?

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I think the workaround should be, to load the Plugin into a second miditrack as an Instrument and Route the midioutput to the Track which should usually contain the Plugin.