Can't get midi effect plugin to sit in the correct spot in Ableton Live (VST Legacy)

So I’m making a project that should sit in the same position as a midi arpeggiator in Ableton, it sends out midi messages to an instrument so it needs to be at the very beginning of a track.

In the projucer if I mark Plugin is a Synth, it takes the place of the instrument so that’s no good.
Plugin Midi Input/Output seem to have no effect.
If I have on “Midi Effect Plugin,” it goes AFTER an instrument so the instrument can’t get the midi messages.

Under VST Legacy Category I’ve tried kPlugCategUnknown and kPlugCategEffect. Neither of these seem to do anything.

Then I downloaded the Arpeggiator Example from Juce and compiled it, and it also went in after the instrument so it didn’t work.

Anybody know how to make a midi effect plugin work in Ableton?

You cannot do that in Ableton. You must add MIDI FX plugin into a MIDI track and route MIDI output from that to another MIDI track.


Aha, I got it to work like you said. Thanks so much.