VST3 MIDI Plugins Won't Load in Ableton Live

I’m building a plugin that generates MIDI and I’m having trouble loading the VST3 build in Ableton Live. Same goes for the ArpeggiatorPlugin demo that comes with Juce 5.4.5:

This happens on both Windows and Mac (Mojave) in the latest Ableton Live version (10.1.5). Other Juce VST3 plugins load just fine (e.g. the GainPlugin), and the VST2 version of my own plugin works flawlessly.

Does anyone know what the problem is here?


Thanks, but that’s not the same problem. I get an error when I try to put the plugin on any track. Ableton just won’t instantiate it.

OK, I found a solution. Checking “plugin is a synth” in the Projucer and adding an audio output to the processor does the trick.

This will work for me (I was planning to output audio anyway) but surely it must be possible to do MIDI only VST3 plugins?

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