MIDI only plugin?


Hello developers,

This is my problem, I just want to create a MIDI only VST / AU plugin with Juce and it seems to be not so easy.

I created a new plugin project with IntroJucer and specified that I want a {0,0} configuration for the audio channels. It compiles perfect but, when launched, it creates an assert at the instantiation of a AudioSampleBuffer by the processReplacing member of the JuceVSTWrapper class. In fact the AudioSampleBuffer object was not developed to support zero channels buffer (which makes sense in my point of view).

So my question is, is it possible to achieve my goal without too much hacking in the JuceVSTWrapper or AudioEffect classes ?

Thank you by advance.


Juce is not designed to do pure Midi plugins but there is actually no drawback in writing a plugin that only deals
with Midi using juce framework by just ignoring the audio data. The Midi implementation in juce is plain and simple
and, except of some small limitations, does the job very good.

I think you can’t specify a 0,0 configuration. Just do the smallest one and clean the audio buffer in the audio callback. done


Thank you for your answer Joerg Koehler, that is also what I have been thinking and for sure, this will work.

The only problem of this solution is that it will not look so professional for the customers. They will see associated to the MIDI buses some useless audio ones either in their virtual mixers or modular view.

For now, I can start developing the plugin with this configuration and later decide to modify or not JUCE code.