Jassert (numChans > 0) : not needed for pure MIDIout Vst plugin



I have created a VST plugin using JUCE (very easy to setup with the new introJucer, by the way) and the plugin has 0 audio inputs and 0 audio outputs and its only output is a MIDI out. 

It compiles and loads perfectly in my test host (Plogue Bidule)

but when i try to run it in DEBUG mode in Visual Studio 2013 , i had to comment the following line : 

AudioSampleBuffer::AudioSampleBuffer (float* const* dataToReferTo,
                                      const int numChans,
                                      const int numSamples) noexcept
    : numChannels (numChans),
      size (numSamples),
      allocatedBytes (0)
    //jassert (numChans > 0);
    allocateChannels (dataToReferTo, 0); 

I think this jassert is relevant in the general case where audio is processed, but in my case it's not worth it. 

Hmm. Where exactly is it being called from? The calling code really need to avoid passing a zero there..

Here's the call stack in Visual Studio :

>    isaMidiControl.dll!juce::AudioSampleBuffer::AudioSampleBuffer(float * const * dataToReferTo, int numChans, int numSamples) Line 78    C++
>     isaMidiControl.dll!JuceVSTWrapper::processReplacing(float * * inputs, float * * outputs, int numSamples) Line 560    C++
>    isaMidiControl.dll!AudioEffect::processClassReplacing(AEffect * e, float * * inputs, float * * outputs, int sampleFrames) Line 61    C++
>    PlogueBidule.exe!00ee93d1()    Unknown

Thanks, I'll make sure it always uses a non-zero channel count.