Midi only vst

Hi All,

I'm interested in writing a VST that will only process MIDI, no audio. I've read that at some point JUCE couldn't do it (at least not without the plugin showing as a synth) and I was wondering if there was any changes on that front since then.

In case it did not, if anyone had pointers on how to setup a vst midi processor, I'd be glad to see if there's any way to include that.

Thanks a lot


There's no problem in JUCE with specifying no audio channels and only midi in/out. But you may find that not all hosts can deal with that.

Ok, indeed, my bad. I guess I didn't have the correct settings in the introjucer. Is "Is a synth' mandatory ?

I guess the process is to capture the midiMessages in process block as input and update the array with whatever needs to be sent out ?

Thanks !

Most hosts don't like it when a plugin does MIDI only. You'll struggle with work-arounds to route the signal, if it is recognized at all.

I've done it for AutoTheory ( http://autotheorybymozaic.com/ ) until they decided to change it to a standalone app because it was too tedious to explain how to use it for every different host...

Hmm.. what about making a silent audio channel, as a dummy? I.e. create an audio channel for your plugin, but do not send any sound to it.

Would that improve the handling?