Bug report, Projucer 5.3.2, native FileChooser causes exception on exit, Windows 7

Hi, the native FileChooser is causing an exception on Window 7 when you X the application in the debugger.

You can reproduce this by running the JUCE Demo in the debugger, select GUI -> CodeEditorDemo.h, open an existing .h file e.g. CodeEditorDemo.h itself, then click the X button in the upper right hand corner of the Demo. The exception is an access violation in ntdll.dll

Unfortunately I don’t have a Windows 7 installation to test this on, but I can try to narrow it down with some questions.

Are you saying that the exception occurs when exiting the DemoRunner application and not when you exit the file chooser? Does it occur if you open the file chooser but don’t select a file? Does the exception break the debugger or does it just print a message to the VS console?

I’ll say this first so it doesn’t get lost: I later found that the DSP demos in DemoRunner, using DSPDemos_Common.h, do not cause an exception.

The exception in the CodeEditor demo occurs when exiting (X button) the DemoRunner application.
It does not occur when I exit the file chooser, neither the Open button, Cancel button nor X button.
The exception occurs if I open the file chooser but don’t select a file.
The exception breaks in the Debugger and opens a new tab in the Code subwindow to tell me it can’t find symbols for ntdll.pdb. The call stack shows no JUCE methods, only Windows.

OK, I’m afraid there’s not much I can do without being able to test it here. Perhaps someone else on the forum could shed some light on this or is experiencing the same thing.

I had something similar today. When running my app from VS2017 and when I hit F12 (tried to increase volume on bootcamp on macbook) while the app is focused the app threw an exception with no juce callstack, just ntdll.