I right clicked inside the file browser

Today I right clicked inside the load file browser (- You did WHAT?..) and my application crashed.

It turns out the Juce demo reacts the same when using the native file browser. It seems to be some kind of heap corruption acc to the debug message.

Select widgets -> click for a popup menu -> File chooser dialogs ->Operating system dialogs -> Load file browser. Then right click a folder -> Hupp!

I’m using todays tip in Windows 7 and building 64bit in debug mode

Strange… but I can’t reproduce it myself. Maybe you’ve some kind of dodgy Windows helper installed which would appear in the pop-up menu, but which is actually messing up?

Could well be the case. A bit more testing revealed that it only misbehaves when running JuceDemo from the debugger (Visual Studio 2010) AND right clicking a folder (not a file). So I guess there are more important bugs to chase down than this one…

It doesn’t sound like anything that could be fixed - most likely some benign internal Windows snafu that you wouldn’t normally see when there’s no debugger to catch it.

Heap corruption has happened to me once in a while in the Juce File Browser after using the up button and has happened in the release version. I’ll try to get more details the next time it happens. Can you take a look at it?

Of course, if you can give me any clues that could be looked at.