Bug: setMouseCursor and Cubase not working properly

It seems as Cubase resets the mouse cursor automatically on mouse movement, thus using Component::setMouseCursor simply makes the cursor change for a split second, more like a flicker, before going back to default cursor.
The only remedy i could find is to keep forcing setMouseCursor on mouseMove and commenting out the check inside setMouseCursor for if(cursor != newCursor), but i rather not do that.

Any ideas? It works as intended in other DAWs, seems only cubase has this behaviour.

I don’t know a clean solution either; we check for Cubase/Nuendo as host and run a timer that updates the cursor periodically (using Component::updateMouseCursor()).

Jules/Fabian, any input on this? Will it be fixed in JUCE or should we go just ahead and do something like ckhf did?

I don’t think there is anything we can do about this. As you say, it’s Cubase who is constantly overriding the mouse cursor.