Bug: Window size too big when using useBottomRightCorner

On OS X, when using setResizable() with useBottomRightCornerResizer set to true, it is possible to drag the right bottom corner of the window to resize it and pull the mouse very fast into the right bottom border of the screen: The window will then be too big (not limited to screen size) and it will further be impossible to gain control over the spot to resize the window back to a more small size.

Maybe this bug comes from the fact that JUCE does not take in account (substrate) OS X’s upper taskbar height when calculating the window size limits?

You can try it out for yourself with the “Source Code Demo” in the JUCE Demo. Just drag the resizer corner of it veryyyy fast in the bottom right corner of the screen.

It’s still using the same constrainer object as the border resizer, so maybe you just need to set some smaller limits on its size? In the demo I’m sure I won’t have bothered putting a sensible size limit on it.

The size is not really the important thing here. The Window may be much smaller than the screen size and the problem still appears: If i drag the resizer very fast in the bottom right corner, it will be somewhere so far that I cannot reach it with the mouse anymore. This is obviously a bug, try it out yourself with the Code Window in the Juce Demo, you’ll see what I mean.

Ok, will have a go. Funny that the mouse is allowed to go beyond the screen edge.

I know, it seems completely illogical and impossible. Yet it is bizarrely true.

Did you check?

not yet, will do!

Sorry to dig out such an old thread guys, but I got the exact same issue.. but when resizing plugins.

Is there a best/quick way to constrain my constrainer to the screen size?

also note that the host's windows in which is the plug in embedded may have an important topbar height, so we should reduce the size a bit.