Plugin resize issue after 6.1.3

Hi guys,

After the latest update (JUCE 6.1.3) I’m experiencing a strange behavior with the resize of my standalone audio plugin. I’ve set an aspect ratio and max/min size in pluginEditor constructor:

AudioProcessorEditor::AudioProcessorEditor (AudioProcessor& p) :                                                                                          
    setResizeLimits(806, 620, 1170, 900);
    setResizable(!(JUCEApplicationBase::isStandaloneApp()), true);

When I’m not at the maximum size everything is ok, and the bottom part of the plugin is rendered correctly, like this:

But when I set the maximum size it gets cropped:

In order to understand what was happening I’ve placed this code in the resize function of my Editor:

void AudioProcessorEditor::resized()
    int w = getWidth();
    int h = getHeight();

    std::cout << "----- RESIZE -----" << std::endl;
    std::cout << w << "   " << h << std::endl;
    std::cout << TopLevelWindow::getTopLevelWindow(0)->getWidth() << "   " << TopLevelWindow::getTopLevelWindow(0)->getHeight() << std::endl;
    std::cout << "------------------" << std::endl;

And when I set the maximum size this is what it prints:

----- RESIZE -----
1170   900
1169   872

So, for some reason the topLevelWindow is not the same size as the plugin UI, and also is not respecting anymore the aspect ratio constraint I’ve applied.

What can I do to fix this problem?

I’m currently on macOS (intel) Big Sur 11.6.2 with the latest JUCE 6.1.3 .

Update: the problem does not arise when using JUCE titleBar, only happens with the macOS native title bar

i’m seeing this too on macos 12.1 in a vst3 in ableton live 10.

Maybe it is related to this commit?

Thanks for reporting the problem.

Using the code shared by AlessandroProverbio I can reproduce it in the Standalone build, and it is related to a change in the StandaloneFilterWindow.

@modosc So far I’ve been unable to reproduce an issue in Live so that could have an unrelated root cause.

There’s a change out on develop that should fix the issue with the standalone plugin window.

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It looks like this issue came back in 6.1.6 with the commit StandaloneFilterWindow: Respect editor’s size constraints when adjusting size of component peer. Would it be possible to include the peer’s window border (from attila’s earlier commits) in the new computerBorder() method? e.g.

BorderSize<int> computeBorder() const
    const auto outer = owner.getContentComponentBorder();

    const auto windowBorders = [&]() -> BorderSize<int>
        if (auto* peer = owner.getPeer())
            if (const auto frameSize = peer->getFrameSizeIfPresent())
                return *frameSize;

        return {};

    return { outer.getTop() + (shouldShowNotification ? NotificationArea::height : 0) + windowBorders.getTop(),
             outer.getLeft() + windowBorders.getLeft(),
             outer.getBottom() + windowBorders.getBottom(),
             outer.getRight() + windowBorders.getRight() };
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Glad I found this, having lots of resize issues with constrainers and pulled 6.1.5 and they all went away.
In 6.1.6 for me, when using constraints, alot of the time the window resize corner is not present and so the window cannot be dragged. Remove the constraints and it appears as expected, go back to 6.1.5 and it appears as expected.
6.1.6 has been a bit of a nightmare so far :frowning:


commit c0b78adcdad72c68c6c593e7bf835f3978be4c6c (HEAD)
Author: reuk
Date: Thu Feb 17 17:45:49 2022 +0000

StandaloneFilterWindow:  Respect editor's size constraints when adjusting size of component peer

Was the cause of this issue.

Commenting out the following line in the StandaloneFilterWindow gets back to previous behaviour:

setConstrainer (&decoratorConstrainer);

@reuk any updates/comments on this? thx

Thanks for reporting, the issue should be resolved here:

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yep, all looks good. thx