Bug with Projucer's "Plugin Description" field and AAX wrapper

This is a new one I stumbled upon. Certain contents of the “Plugin Description” field in Projucer will cause a plug-in to appear in the Pro Tools plug-in menu as that description text, instead of as the plug-in name.

For example, if a plugin named “Foo” is given this string in the plugin description field in Projucer:

1/3 Octave EQ

Then in Pro Tools, won’t appear in the plug-in menu as “Foo”, it will appear as “1/3 Octave EQ”:

Once selected, the plugin will appear with its actual name in the plugin insert slot view.

I thought at first that the problem was simply the inclusion of the forward slash, but this plugin description field does not cause this same bug:

Octave 1/3 EQ

Nor does this description string, with a leading numeral and, later, a slash:

1 This Plugin Description/includes a forward slash.

This description string, however, DOES cause the bug:
A/B Tester description string

I’m not sure why different description strings produce different results (perhaps Pro Tools has some non-obvious heuristic for picking the best name to display) but I think the root of the problem is that we’re adding the plugin description as an “alternative name” in the AAX wrapper. This seems like a mistake, so I’ll remove that from the wrapper. This might take a few days to make it onto develop.

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Ah, that sounds like a mistake to me too, to make the description available as an alternate name. Thanks for making that change.

This patch is on develop now: