Buggy audio when using the MP3 Decoder with some tiny files

I am trying to playback many really small one second mp3 files using the JUCE mp3 decoder. I am not sure why but the JUCE decoder is creating additional extra samples that are not present in the original audio.

I have attached several mp3 files where the issue is occurring.
audiofiles.zip (22.8 KB)
You can see it pretty clearly by opening up the audio1.mp3 and audio1.ogg files in the Audio Playback section of the JUCE demo. The audio waveforms for the mp3 and ogg file do not match.

I tried re-encoding the mp3 files using LAME, but the issue still persisted.
When I re-encode using ogg I don’t get the extra samples.
When using the Windows MP3 decoder on the original files I don’t get the extra samples.