Build audio plugin host, as a VST?


I'm a bit new to JUCE, so sorry if I'm a bit slow to pick things up, or not understanding things.

I'm wondering whether it is a straight forward thing to do to build the audio plugin host as an actual VST? So that it could be loaded inside a DAW and then VST's could be loaded into it?



Yes it is, it is something JUCE excels in.

Read about the IntroJucer. It's a tool that let's you configure what type(s) of plugin you need and what enviroment(s) you'd like to develop it with, and then automagically generates the solution with stub code for both the plugin editor (GUI) and processor (DAW logic).

As for loading VST's inside your VST, read about the classes KnownPluginList, VSTPluginFormat, AudioPluginFormatManager and AudioPluginInstance.


Good luck!



Yeah, and then simply look at the plugin demo project, and the pluginhost demo project.  Combining the two into a plugin that can host plugins is fairly easy :)


Good luck!