Hosting VST3 Plugins


im trying to write an application to host vst plugins. I did some of the tutorials, watched some videos on the juce yt-channel and am looking at the vst host example right now but i cant get my head around it.

Can someone point me to a starting point to figure out how to host vst plugins? All Tutorials ive found stop right before getting there :confused:

this one didnt really get me there either


Hey – that’s my old tutorial, which I really need to update, and I see that they also did something with WordPress that completely borks the code formatting. Classic.

(…but part 2 of that does talk about how to load plugins…)

The best thing is to dig into the AudioPluginHost code that is included with JUCE – basically all those posts consist of my notes from when I was going through this process myself: what are the pieces that JUCE comes with, and how do they relate to each other? There are details that I’d do differently now (significantly differently in some cases) but the overview at that level in these posts remains sound, I think.

took a look at the secon part of your tutorial as well but this is the first thing im trying to do with juce and the ui part of the audiopluginhost example is pretty distracting for me

i got along verry well with this video -> but then he told that you can host vst plugins pretty easy that way but didnt show how :confused: bummer

can anyone help me out and show me how to go on from where i am?

Just looked at your old tutorials. Very useful, but sure would be great if they were updated. I see the old source code is still available:

Will have a look at it, but I fear it’s probably way out of date. I’m also interested in developing a plugin host…