Support for VST/AU hosts?

Is there much interest out there for JUCE to have some classes to make VST/AU hosts? Anybody know if Jules has any plans for this?

i would imagine that jules isn’t likely to write a different set of audio plugin-host code to what he already has written… and seeing as that (i presume) belongs to mackie, he’s probably not going to be just plopping that into juce.

i’m sure there’s nothing stopping someone else having a go and posting it tho

My main reason for not doing it again as a juce thing would be that it was an absolute pain-in-the-arse to do it, and I’d imagine AU hosting is almost as bad!

For completeness it’d be nice to write some host classes, as a tidied-up version of my old code, but it’d take ages to do, and I just don’t have the time.

VST hosting would be absolutely fantastic! maybe if we would all pitch in we could pay you do to it? :wink:

Sure - half a million quid should just about cover it.