Win32 VST host

I would like to build a vst host application…
I read something about it on the steinberg site and there’s a lot on developing vst plug-ins but almost nothing on building vst host appz.

I read of jost but, unluckly, i have several problems with linux…

So, please, let me know something…

PS: please


All I can say about hosting VSTs is that it’s a total pain…

and if YOU say so…
no problem, i’m gonna play poker!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

PS: if someone thinks different… he’s welcome! :shock: :shock:


Aye. looks well scary. seems you have host-developers doing “special cases” for plugins and plugin-developers doing special-cases for hosts. don’t know for sure as I am a developer of neither.

Jules, is the problem with sloppy VST coding or with the “standard” itself?

It’s a bit of both, really. So many things aren’t clearly specified that you end up guessing about how the plugins/hosts should behave, and it doesn’t always work out. Writing a host is harder than a plugin, though.

why reinvent the wheel when kraken has built (an exagonal) one with juce ?


it contains very minimal linux code, and over there you can find some useful stuff for starting to experiment with plugins hosting in general.