How many guys are writing VST plugin Hosts using JUCE?

Out of interest,
how many here are using JUCE to write rb apps acting as VST/AU hosts ?

im guessing the majority here are writing plugins ?

Am i right ?

The reason for asking is i am using the JUCE classes to host VST plugins and was wondering how much this has been tested and verified to work with plugins out there.


My application acts as a host for plugins.

Seems to work pretty well, I didn’t have to write much code.

My application is a plugin host too. Lately I’ve been experiencing some issues with plugins channels configurations.
See this:
I’m not able to force the plugins to run as mono, althtrough I clearly call setPlayConfigDetails(1, 1, samplerate, blocksize)…

Have any of you had experience or problems hosting the Garritan Steinway VST plugin on OSX ?

( Or any other Plogue/Garritan ARIA player based plugin )

Yep. Sometimes I get crashes also when opening the editor.
The other times they crash while restoring their state.

yes ive had both freezes - for example in the example app in extras: PluginHost, when loading a filtergraph with a Steinway setting,

but also seeem to get inconsistencies when i close and destroy the editor window and open a new one again. The second time around the editor fails to show the right settings…

PluginHost as on the prebuilt OSX dmg that the host freezes when loading
a patch set up for the Garritan Steinway Piano plugin which uses the Plogue ARIA sampler engine ( latest 1.04/ ARIA 1.111 version ).

This is for the VST version of the plugin.

The plugin itself loads up ok, its only when using file open to load a filtergraph that one gets a problem. It seems to get stuck when attempting to load one of the Steinway wav files:

One of our plug-in can host plug-ins (albeit limited to some of ours)
The only problem we have encountered so far is that 64-bit support for Mac is missing (because VSTPluginWindow relies on Carbon exclusively)

does anyone have an example plugin hosting app they have written that i could test against garritan ? particularly if you think it hosts Garritan Steinway fine, or whatever.

Also is there an open source JUCE project available thatmaybe implements plugin hosting different to the JUCE pluginhost example ?.

At the moment im attempting to modify the PluginHost example to allow FXB and FXP settings to be loaded specifically into VST plugins just to try out a few things…

Yes, there’s one. It’s jost. I’ve been working on it with kraken for some time, it uses a graph but it’s not the AudioProcessorGraph of juce.

thanks - ill take a look.

oh - is JOST only available for LINUX ?

Nope. Kraken developed it for linux, I managed the windows part and another guy the mac part.
Sadly we don’t have time to work on it anymore, so the other guy made a fork calling it jive:

Which is more updated, althrough they are both based on old versions of juce.