Wrapping a host inside a plugin - possible?


first off Jules, I want to let you know how much I appreciate your outstanding work. Judging from a deeper look at the sources and documentation, the Juce framework seems of an exceptional quality that we rarely come across. Please keep up your endeavour!

Now for a simple question: Can the plugin framework be used to wrap a small VST/AU host (for a single instrument only) inside? My intention is to have a VST/AU instance that sits on each track of a DAW and connects to a standalone application (OSC or CopperLan). The latter instructs it to load/unload a particular VST/AU instrument, feeds it with MIDI for playback, etc. Sort of remote controlled sound server. Would this be possible?

Actually I planned on having a dedicated AU implementation for Mac and another for VST only on Windows. Now that I am evaluating your framework, it seems a true cross-platform solution would be better.

Any hint is highly appreciated. TIA.


Thanks. This question has been discussed many times on the forum, and the general answer is “yes”, though it’s got tricky aspects to it. Do some searching for more details!

That’s very encouraging, thanks. I already have a little prototype working.

Your framework is very good. I think the existing documentation is absolutely sufficient as a reference. Your coding style is clean and consistent and the class design is excellent. Having the global “Juce” project open in XCode as a sidekick is great for keyword searches, class browsing, etc. I am getting along very well, despite I am relatively new to C++. I worked 20+ years in a dozen other languages. Looks like I am now ready to finally embrace it.

Regarding the subject of this topic: Talking of “tricky aspects”, could you perhaps give me a few keywords that you remember off the top of your head, so I can do some more searching? I could not seem to find more than the debug symbols ambiguity issue between host and plugin.


+1 to that


…can’t remember! I know a couple of people have done this though… I didn’t follow their discussions very closely, but I think they got it working.