Build Errors and Deprecations in juce 1.50 using 10.6 SDK

Hi Jules,
I tried building juce_1.50, using 10.6 SDK and gcc 4.2 and also 4.0

These are the errors

This is the method giving errors, looks like Apple has removed the enums, since I was able to build it on leopard.

void juce_setKioskComponent (Component* kioskModeComponent, bool enableOrDisable, bool allowMenusAndBars)
    // Very annoyingly, this function has to use the old SetSystemUIMode function,
    // which is in Carbon.framework. But, because there's no Cocoa equivalent, it
    // is apparently still available in 64-bit apps..
    if (enableOrDisable)
        SetSystemUIMode (kUIModeAllSuppressed, allowMenusAndBars ? kUIOptionAutoShowMenuBar : 0);
        kioskModeComponent->setBounds (Desktop::getInstance().getMainMonitorArea (false));
        SetSystemUIMode (kUIModeNormal, 0);

Warnings informing deprecations

Yes, I know - I’ve not hurried to tidy those up yet as I suspect it’ll be quite a long time before people start building their apps only for 10.6. But I will sort them out soon.

That should be good enough for now, We can build it with 10.5 SDK and it works fine on snow leopard. Thanks for the prompt reply. :slight_smile: