Build errors if I add the audio_plugin_client module

Hi. I dont know what am I doing wrong but after I add the module to a GUI app project the build fails with the following error:

failed to find ConditionalMacros/ConditionalMacros.r

/Applications/ ### /Applications/ - SysError 0 during open of "ConditionalMacros.r".

Fatal Error!

The reason for including this module is that I need the StandaloneFilterWindow class which seams to be available there. Using the module in my plugin project seams fine.

audio_plugin_client can only be used in plugin projects, not apps.

Thanks! So the StandaloneFilterWindow class should actually be used in my plugin project then?

No, you use that in an app. But it would make no sense to add the audio_plugin_client module to the app.

So should I just copy the source code to my project to make it available ?

Huh? Make what available?

Sorry for the confusion. I was reffering to the file with the StandaloneFilterWindow class. I think I need to copy that file to my project considering that I cannot add the module that contains it. 

Hey Jules,

I get the same problem and I find your explanation not intuitive: if I'd want to use a class that is part of a module, wouldn't I add the module to my project, so the class is actually accessible? if not how can i use it? of course, i can just copy the files i need into my project somehow, and refer to them from my app code, but doesn't that kind of miss the whole point why we uses modules?

maybe this is just broken: there is this component (StandaloneFilterWindow) that is in the audio_plugin_client module, which one would want to use in an app, but then again the module it is contained in can't be included in app project. 

please enlighten me.


Yes, it should probably be moved to somewhere else..

Personally, I just include it in whatever project I'm working on, as I always have a copy of the whole juce repo inside or alongside my projects.

Cool, thanks for that answer, at least I am sure now that I am not doing it completely wrong ;)