Build JUCE Plugin Demo in VS2003 (7.1)


I’m trying to port our existing VST plugin code to the JUCE Audio Plugin Framework, and all of our code builds and works in Visual Studio 2003. I’ve spent some time trying to get our library to build in 2008 Express, but it appears that Microsoft has broken templates for us.

I’m trying to get the JUCE VST Audio Plugin Demo code to build in VS2003. I’ve been able to get a DLL out of it, but the graphics aren’t loading up when the VST is launched. Instead, I get a blank grey window that when I move my mouse over, parts of the graphics appear until I can see the whole thing.

Also, I’ve built the VST Plugin Demo code using 2008 Express, and the DLL refreshes just fine. In addition, the size of the two DLLs is not the same. The working juce_vst.dll is 5,267kb and the one built with 2003 is 4,584kb.

Has anyone successfully setup the Audio Plugin framework project for Visual Studio 2003? If so, could you send me a link to the project or post about what you did to make it happen?

Thanks a lot,