About the Juce audio plugin framework

This project is a collection of wrapper code that allows you to write an audio plugin which can be compiled as a VST (PC/Mac/Linux), AudioUnit (Mac), and RTAS (PC/Mac).

It does this by defining a lowest-common-denominator audio filter class, which you use to derive your own plugin. This single codebase can then be compiled into the various different flavours of wrapper project.

The plugin wrappers are contained in the main juce download, under “extras”

Feel free to post your comments, bugs, suggestions, etc!

Hi Jules,
Does it exist a tutorial to setup Eclipse IDE with Juce to produce VST, AU etc ?
I’m VERY interested by a commercial version in order to produce plugin I could sell.
But I’d like to test the whole chain before buying it


I can also use Visual Studio Express
The first tuto I’ll find I’ll use the related IDE… I just need to quickly test one framework or another.

Please don’t wake up 5-year old threads - let them rest in peace!

Yes, MSVC is the way to go, and use the introjucer to create your project. Please search the forum or ask more specific questions if you get stuck!