I haveless than a week to finish my computer science assignment. i have a collection of C++ filed in both .h and .cpp format. Can anyone provide me with a step by step guide on how to combine my files into a singular vst plugin in .dll format? Desparately need help

What do the files do? Are they already using Juce for something? Why didn’t you do a plugin project from the beginning if the purpose was to do a plugin anyway? Plugins can’t be made from a random collection of source code files, it all needs to follow certain coding patterns expected from plugins.

Hi @Kaiodi,

For me JUCE tutorials were a good start.
Maybe start with https://docs.juce.com/master/tutorial_create_projucer_basic_plugin.html or check https://juce.com/learn/tutorials to choose which tutorial most suits your needs.

Good luck!

I’m adapting an existing frequency analyzer vst,and have the files for it. What I need to know is how when I’ve changed them up a bit do i update the dll file

What @Xenakios said:

You need to create an Audio Plugin Project with the Projucer, and add your source files to it. See the tutorial and intro to using the Projucer if you haven’t already.

Unless the source files are already made with JUCE, you’re going to have to follow JUCE coding patterns and get somewhat of an understanding of the relevant JUCE classes.

Good luck!