Can a Projucer 'Audio Application' project be VST?

Hi, I’ve just started using Juce and I’m wondering how you would make a project using Projucer’s ‘Audio Application’ and build it as a VST plugin as you would if you chose ‘Audio Plugin’ in the Projucer?
I ask because I’m following tutorials and most of them are using the audio application setup and there seems to be various functions and things that aren’t present in the plugin cpp and header files.

You can do it the other way round:

Build it as an “Audio Plugin” and select Standalone as plugin format option. It will create an Audio Application showing your plugin in addition to the normal plugins you selected.

But that doesn’t help the situation that some of the tutorials are written as stand alone applications. It is not necessarily trivial to use those codes in plugins at beginner level.

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Well, I understand the Tutorials as examples to learn how to write your own, not as building blocks to copy over.
Just start learning with the Plugin tutorial, it you want to write a plugin.

The AudioApplicatation is simply an Application holding an AudioAppComponent. The AudioAppComponent is an AudioSource, that is running continuously from and to the AudioIODevice.

The AudioSource and AudioProcessor are quite similar, they both have a preparation stage (prepareToPlay, mind the reversed arguments!), a running stage which is processBlock() in AudioProcessor and getNextAudioBlock() for the AudioSource(), where a block is delivered and your code has the chance to alter (process) it or fill with new content. And at the end there is a releaseResources() call, which hardly used, since usually that is called directly before destruction, but should be used in a sensible way.