Generate application file in xcode


I compile a project of Audio plugins but I don’t have a app of my program how can I have one. I just generate the AU and VST file.
Pls help.


Perhaps I am misinterpreting your question, but it sounds like you are asking about a way to run the AU and VST.

These need to run in a host application, such as Logic, Ableton Live, Reaper, etc. Here is a link for Reaper -

If you are using a Mac (which, if you are generating an AU, you must be), then you will be able to find your files in /Users//Library/Audio/Plug-Ins

Or, if you are looking to make a standalone application from the same code as your AU/VST, you will need to make a new audio application.


Thank you your reply message.
I know how to run AU
I am asking how I generate a application file of plugin program
some file like this one


Did you have a look at the AudioAppExample?


In the Projucer select also “Build Standalone Plug-In” and make sure, you add the module “juce_audio_utils” and “juce_audio_devices”.
The XCode will still not run anything, but in the build folder you find an Application you can run.


To create standalone plug-ins you’ll get to use the develop branch of JUCE, which you can get by downloading JUCE from GitHub and changing branches.

If you change the build target to the standalone app in Xcode you can run it in Xcode’s debugger too.