xCode/Juce doesn't display anything when running basic Juce app

Hello everyone

I’m new to juce but not to C++. I’m using the Prodjucer version 5.4.1 with XCode version 8.2.1.

I’m following the JUCE tutorial and all goes fine and well until I come by the part where you display the first GUI app (which is just a Volume slider that does nothing). like shown here : https://docs.juce.com/master/tutorial_code_basic_plugin.html

I double-triple checked that my classes and methods are exactly like they are supposed to be. I didn’t forgot the addAndMakeVisible (&midiVolume).

I click on the Compile & run button, all goes well, it compiles all the files and then…
No window are displayed.

Anyone could explain what the **** (fill the blank with any 4-letter word of your choice) is happening ?

Thanks a lot !

The tutorial you linked is for creating a plugin, not a stand alone app. You can’t ‘run’ a plugin, it has to be loaded into an application which loads plugins (Ableton, Logic, etc). You can see that implied here at the end Run the plug-in in the host environment

This is a tutorial in creating a stand alone app.

Ok, that makes sense. Thanks a lot.

Now if I want to make a plugin for DAWs that also works as a stand-alone app, like a lot of plug-ins are, it means that I have to code it as a stand-alone project and then re code it as a plug-in project ?

You can easily share code between projects. I’ve not done plugin work for a bit, but as it turns out, there is a mode for the plugin project that allows you to generate a stand alone (executable) version. In Visual Studio I have three projects I can select to build from

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update your version of xcode while you’re at it. we’re up to xcode 10.1 now, which is pretty solid with the Legacy build system enabled.

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