Building error Juce Plugin Host in Xcode

I’m trying to build the JUCE Plugin Host (as standalone plugin) in Xcode, following the Set up plug-in debugging instructions of the tutorial:

Upon building the framework code, this error code appears:

Static_assert failed “You are trying to use START_JUCE_APPLICATION in an audio plug-in. Define JUCE_USE_CUSTOM_PLUGIN_STANDALONE_APP=1 if you want to use a custom standalone target app.”

I’m on JUCE version 6.1.6. How do I resolve it? Thanks in advance!

A standalone plugin is a convenient wrapper to create a standalone audio application from a plugin project by adding auto generated standalone application code around your plugin project. A plugin is always a dynamic library intended to extend the functionality of some host application at runtime. The standalone plugin target basically creates a very limited host application, that always loads one instance of your plugin.

However, you cannot go the other way round and put a standalone application into a plugin. Now the JUCE Plugin Host is implemented as a standalone application, so wrapping it into a plugin project will fail – even if you take a standalone plugin project :wink: In any case, what’s your goal by building the plugin host as standalone plugin instead just building the standalone application?

Thanks a million for the very informative answer. I understand now that my logic was a bit upside-down :smiling_face:

As my main goal is understanding the ways in and around the framework (and having functional builds, ofc), the issue resolved now. So thanks again!! @PluginPenguin

Wish you a good day! :sunny: