Opening android up

I am very new to JUCE and trying to figure out how I can use JUCE for my Android application (new to Android programming too). I am going through the tutorials on JUCE, the white noise generator to be exact. I downloaded the demo project files and exported everything into Android Studio and after playing around for a while trying to run the application I run into this error:

Error:(102, 1) error: static_assert failed "You are trying to use START_JUCE_APPLICATION in an audio plug-in. Define JUCE_USE_CUSTOM_PLUGIN_STANDALONE_APP=1 if you want to use a custom standalone target app."

What’s the solution to this error?

I am assuming the demo project to be a simple but functioning app for white noise generating. Is that correct? or is it merely the engine/plug-in that I have to build the app around?

The white noise tutorial is incorrectly labeled with the Android platform and would not work straight away unfortunately. We are currently updating all of our tutorials and we will have several new Android tutorials ready soon.

If you still want to make the white noise project work, you will have to call setFullScreen (true); instead of centerWithSize (getWidth(), getHeight()); in the MainWindow constructor of the Main.cpp file. Then you can add the Android exporter in the Projucer and the app should work properly.

Make sure to keep the project as a GUI Application type because it seems like according to the error you are trying to run it as a plugin.

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