Plugin project templates - request for help!


I am a new to the Juce. I am interested in writing VST/AU plugins for Windows and OS X using Juce. After spending few days looking at the JuceAudioPlugin Demo example I came to a conclusion that I need some help to get me started quickly. What I need is a simple templates for juce projects to start building more complex plugins. Requirements are simple and maybe such templates already. If not, I am willing to compensate more experienced juce programmers for their help. The plugin templates should only deal with the MIDI aspects and be exempt from any audio processing (for now) .

  • A plugin template should be a SYNTH.
  • Should be able to receive and transmit MIDI messages to and from a host and pass the data to another component in the project.
  • Should be able to save/load bank and instruments.

If interested in creating such templates, please email me on a private bandwidth with your time/pay requirements k w a s d u p (remove spaces).



Take a look in the extras directory of Juce API. In the folder “audio plugins”, Jules have write a doc “How to use this framework”, you can find two sub-directories : demo & wrapper.

demo : is a basically plugin template.
wrapper : is, as its name indicates, a binder for compiling VST, AU, RTAS or a Standalone version of your audio processor.

About the notion of effet (processor) or instrument (generator). The two methods :

bool acceptsMidi() const; bool producesMidi() const;will answer your question.

Maybe all of that is already know, but I don’t understand that you’re able to code a process without understanding the basis of a plugin.


here are the plugins i created within thhe ctrlr project, each has a project in VS, thhe project contains targets for both standalone and VST debug and release.