Building a cross-platform app using only make... feasible?

Hello, I’m a very lazy programmer (although not too lazy to search the forums to see if this question were there) who doesn’t really want to muck with XCode and similar Windows things because I’m faster in emacs and this application is fairly small, and because I already have a bunch of unit tests working nicely in make.

How feasible is it to have a single Makefile with two targets, one Windows and one Mac? The object file format appears to be the same these days, could I not just build the common code with gcc and then have two different link lines right at the end? I fear it won’t be that easy.

(If anyone has such a dual or even multiplatform Makefile as an example… he says hopefully…)

Sounds pretty much impossible to do that.

Try the new jucer - you create one project, it generates all the platform-specific stuff automatically when you change it…

Yes, I was sorta coming to the conclusion that it was “not worth the effort” after fiddling for a bit!

Haven’t downloaded a Jucer in a while, will check that out. Thanks as always…