Building a custom GUI for the CascadePlugin tutorial, how to get my params to be used in comboBox?

as the title says, i am experimenting with the graph, and this tutorial:

everything is fine, until i tried to create a custom GUI for it, as you may see, it use the genericprocessor editor class, so, first thing, i updated the code to switch to my plugin editor… all fine!
i did create some combobox in this UI… and comes the moment to “connect” the plugins parameters to my combobox… i can´t ! i dont understand what is going on there…

in my plugin editor, i tried to declare a AudioParameterChoice but it seems that it is nor permited.
as i tried to use the “choices” parameters as an itemlist fro my combobox, it goes nowhere.

well, there are the files i am working on:

i really want to understand that, i am always looking for something difficult where it seems obvious, but in this case, i dont really see … i tried so many posibilities, and i miss the point.
thank you for your help

Using a ComboBox with AudioParamterChoice parameters should work fine. You’ll want to check out the AudioProcessorValueTreeState::ComboBoxAttachment class, and use it to connect the ComboBox/parameter values.

Not sure exactly what issue you ran into with creating an AudioParameterChoice, but you might look through some of the other plug-in tutorials to get a feel for how parameters should be managed (here’s a good one). You should be adding parameter members to the processor class, not the editor.

N.B. since JUCE 6 there is also ComboBoxParameterAttachment that works without the AudioProcessorValueTreeState. You got the choice (no pun intended)