Using a ComboBox in Audio Plugin

Okay I’m a JUCE noob so maybe I’m being a bit slow here but how do I use a combobox in an audio plugin and control a parameter with it since it doesn’t appear to have an addChangeListener function?

I’m trying to port a couple of C++ plugins I made for myself to JUCE so I can export them to my Mac and the slider in the example plugin makes sense to me but I can’t see how to use the example to connect up a combobox. Is there any example code around or would anybody like to add one into the example plugin and hook it up to a parameter?

Thanks for all your help, JUCE looks fantastic and I’m looking forward to getting to grips with it properly :slight_smile:

It’s actually got an addListener method to add a ComboBoxListener - check out the juce demo code or the Jucer code for examples of combo boxes in action…

Thank you for the speedy reply I will have another look through the demo code :smiley:

Might be nice for other people who are new to JUCE to have a combobox in the example plugin since they are used pretty often and are generally a bit more complex at first than a slider.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Aha just updated to the latest version of JUCE and and discovered the ComboBoxListener. Everything works fine now. JUCE rocks , I’m never going to go near an ugly MFC widget ever again 8)