Building AAX plugin for ProTools

Hey all!
I am attempting to make a plugin for Pro Tools, I acquired a NFR Developer version of Pro Tools and have remapped the AAX SDK path to one from the AVID website, However when attempting to build even a Demo I receive the error “Library not found for -IAACLibrary_libcpp”
Any help would be appreciated.

If I set the aax SDK path to default I get “AAX_Version.h” file not found

You need to build the library project from SDK you downloaded first. Did you do that?

I did not! silly! however now trying to run it I get an error on xcode saying " 32-bit macOS targets are no longer supported" “This project contains the targets AAXLibrary and AAXLibrary_libcpp configured to build 32-bit architectures. Xcode requires that macOS targets support 64-bit architectures.”

im on OSX 10.15.5 and xcodes 12.0.1

Bumping, any luck?

Nothing so far. Let me know if you figure it out

OKAY so! for whatever reason. redownloading the SDK seemed to fix the problem for me, also ensure you are downloading 2.3.2. Its out of order on the website which can be confusing. you can ONLY compile 2.3.2 NOT 2.3.1 or 2.2.2. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk


Wow okay I thought I had tried this but downloaded 2.3.2 and it builds now!

I’m not very experienced with coding, but would you mind explaining how to link the library to a project? Thanks a lot, you helped a lot already!

EDIT: I figured out how to do it, as always it was a Projucer thing!

Just downloaded 2.3.2 and tried to build with Xcode 12.2 and I get errors…

Unknown Platform
Unknown OS!
Unsupported Compiler!


I suspect your build might be including also the new arm64 architecture, for which even the latest AAX SDK (2.3.2) has not yet provided support.
Either you hack the places where you see the errors in order to tame the preprocessor (there are other topics here that suggest it’s not that hard, but due to NDA this cannot be publicly discussed further), or you restrict your build of AAX plug-in and SDK to x86_64 only

But it’s the Xcode project that came with the SDK…

It’s very likely that the Xcode project that comes with the SDK has been last updated way before Apple even announced ARM64 for desktops.
So it probably uses some default value for the “Architectures” setting (for example “Standard Architectures”), which at the moment of last update of the SDK only resolved to Intel architectures, but that starting from Xcode 12.2 also includes ARM64 even if the project itself hasn’t been touched since

Yes, that was it.

I had to change Architectures setting from Standard Architectures to x86_64 in both the Project and Targets panels.

Thank you.

I had to change Architectures setting from Standard Architectures to x86_64 in both the Project and Targets panels.

would you be so kind to show how exactly do that? I tried in both project and target to remove that:
and put that:

I also tried to put
or that:

But nothing works for me. I have no idea how to do that properly and in exact what place? Should I do that directly in xcode? Or maybe I can do that in some specific file by simply texteditor?

For help great thanks in advance.
Best Regards

Same here, did you find out?

I am not sure if it’s legal, but for testing purposes I thinks it’s OK. You just need to change some MACRO declarations.

I’ve commentet in file acfbasetypes.h the line:
#error Unknown platform

And use other lines. It looks like that:
//#error Unknown platform
#define ACF_OS_64
#define ACF_OS_MACOS10
#define ACF_OS_UNIX

And it works. But I don’t thing it can be used as an official solution.

So the only legal solution is to compile using an old Mac (non M1)?