Unresolved symbols for architecture arm64


I am trying to build AAX plugin for Mac native platform, and have selected corresponding options in Projucer. And using Xcode 14.2 version,

I encountered following error,

AAX/Libs/Release/libAAXLibrary_libcpp.a, building for macOS-arm64 but attempting to link with file built for macOS-x86_64
Undefined symbols for architecture arm64:

 symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64
clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

Is this to do with AAX SDK? Do I need to update SDK?
Any help/suggestion is appreciated!


Have you built the libraries? The AAX SDK libraries do not come with the SDK, you have to build them yourself. Look for the library folders and you will see the files to allow you to build them.

AFAIK this step is no longer necessary if you are using a fairly recent commit from the “develop” branch of JUCE.

Since the following commit, the necessary code from the AAX SDK is compiled directly by JUCE and into JUCE itself, without the need to build it as an external library:

@bwall I am using Juce 7.0.5, and also AAX libraries were built separately

Make sure the libraries were built for arm64. Other than that, I will have to yield to those more knowledgeable with XCode.

@bwall I am using AAX SDK 2.4 version though, would that be an issue?

I am not sure when arm64 first appeared in the AAX SDK. It is possible your version does not support arm64. I suggest you simply download the most recent version of the AAX SDK.