Building AU plugins without editor

I want to build a AU plugin without a GUI. Ofcourse my plugin’s createEditor() returns 0 to tell that it has no editor. But still, the host I used to test (Ableton 5) crashed in JuceAUView::CreateUI() when I opened my plugin. Then I commented the last line in juce_AudioUnitWrapper.cpp:
//JUCE_COMPONENT_ENTRY (JuceAUView, JucePlugin_AUExportPrefix, ViewEntry)
and then it didn’t crash anymore. But I still get a small (empty) window in Ableton.

This is with JUCE147. Is there a simple way to create a UI-less AudioUnit? The GUI-less VST version was quite easy to do and worked immediately.

I never put in an easy way of doing it, though it could be done with an option flag, I guess.

Ah, just found out that JuceAU::GetNumCustomUIComponents() has to return 0, too. Now it works…