What's the correct, recommended way to build a plugin with no GUI?

My Projucer-generated plugin source code has a GUI module - PluginEditor.h/cpp. I don’t plan on implementing a custom GUI, I’m happy with the lean and elegant raw parameters UI provided by host apps.

Is there an option in Projucer or in the config to disable this, or should I manually remove the source files & relevant code? If I manually remove the source, and return 0 from createEditor() - will it work fine?

When you create your GUI, just implement the generic editor JUCE provides.

In Processor.cpp:
juce::AudioProcessorEditor* MyProcessor::createEditor()
    return new juce::GenericAudioProcessorEditor(*this);
//No need for Editor .h or cpp files in this case
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Thanks for clarifying! I wasn’t aware of that. (edited - I missed that this is a generic GUI)

But I don’t need or want any GUI at all, want to keep my plugin super basic and primitive.

I tried removing the editor code and it seems to work fine :crossed_fingers:t2:

Plugin is here if you’re curious: GitHub - haszari/MidiClipPhraseVariations: Phrase-synchable MIDI filter plugin for getting more ou

Return false from hasEditor and nullptr from createEditor in the audioprocessor, then the host’s generic plugin GUI will be used.


Great, thanks for confirming!

Interesting topic! almost answers some questions I had too.