Making the GUI of the 'audio plugin demo' Jucer-editable


I’m referring to /extras/audio plugin demo/PluginEditor.cpp and PluginEditor.h

In their header it states:

“This file was auto-generated by the Jucer!”

But since they miss the Jucer metadata, they can’t be opened with Jucer.

I think it makes things much easier to edit them with Jucer. Is there a reason for not doing this and/or omiting the Jucer metadata?

I attach equivalent Jucer editable files (you can copy and replace the existing ones and everything should work).

Actually, that comment just means it was created by the introjucer’s “new audio plugin” wizard, and not that it was created as a GUI in the jucer… But thanks for posting an editable version. Doing a better demo plugin is one of those things on my to-do-list that I never seem to get around to…