Building plugins: hints and tips for getting it all to work


Necessary steps that used to be in the sticky here but are not in the current stickies, taken from post by adfernandes (

The current Introjucer assumes that the following has been done:

  • Navigate to the /Applications/ folder.
  • Create an Extras directory if said directory does not exist.
  • Change directory to the new /Applications/ directory.
  • If a CoreAudio directory or symlink exists (with full path /Applications/, remove it (back it up first, though!).
  • Create a symlink via sudo ln -sv /Library/Developer/CoreAudio /Applications/
  • Note that modifying anything in the /Applications/ directory can invalidate Xcode's digital signature, which may bring about strange behaviour with GateKeeper or the App Store. It has not been a problem for me as the digital signature seems to be validated only once during App Store installation... but you have been warned.



So I'm using the introjucer to make an audio plugin skeleton. I followed the instructions including selecting the build VST3 button and unselecting the build AU button.

The problem I'm having is that I don't think it is creating any vst's. The only thing that is shown in the MacOSX/build/Debug folder is a component file!

Some help would be appreciated


That's normal. You can simply copy this component bundle into the various plug-in folders and change the file suffix to.vst or .vst3. A custom build script runs at the end of the Xcode build process which should do this for you and you should be able to find the plug-ins in your home directory: ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins


Let me add that you need to create the "VST3" folder under  "~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins" , if not present


You can do what @fabian said, or you could also edit the script to copy the component to your Configuration folder with the appropriate extension (just like it does for the various plugin folders).


This topic is deprecated. If you download the latest version of JUCE, a new plug-in project will work out of the box on OS X, no copying, no build-scripts no faffing around.