Building RTAS on Windows

Ok after struggling for a bit, i have a working lifecycle for building RTAS, but i can confirm that there's 2 necessary changes for making it work:

This is for Visual Studio 2008 and 2010, SDV v.9, for safety I had to generate Win XP Virtual Machines.

1.- juce_RTAS_Wrapper.cpp change:

#pragma comment(lib, PT_LIB_PATH "PlugInLib.lib")
#pragma comment(lib, PT_LIB_PATH "PlugInLib_stdcall.lib")

2.- The JuceWinexports file cant be found on a fresh generated project, this is when moving projects from another machine to the target build machine.

this is because of this copy phase command:

Command Line: copy /Y ....

It somehow gets the path hardcoded pointing to the old machine, 

If we could get these changes as default Jules we could have fully automated Jenkins triggered buid phases which incude RTAS also, I know we could create grep and replace on copy but it would be better to try to get it fixed at the source.

With these changes is easy to build on a new machine:

1.- Download V9 SDK

2.- Compile Sample Plugin, twice...

3.-Do above mods

4.-Trigger Target Plugin Build


Anyway just wanted to share this findings, it will be great if we could have these new fixes as defaults.

Ill quantum leap myself out of this timeline now... peace