RTAS plugin doesn't build with PT_90_SDK and VisStudio 2008


I’m trying to get the JuceDemoPlugin to build with RTAS using SDK 9 from Digi, in Vis Studio 2008, and there’re a few problems. So far I’ve had to add in an extra include path, and now I’m finding that ePlugIn_StemFormat_7dot1 is not defined in SDK 9.

Now, my real question here is, what is the recommended way of trying to resolve this kind issue? I could just dive in and start changing stuff in the juce_RTAS_Wrapper.cpp on my machine, but obviously that’ll be a problem next time I want to update JUCE, so what do other people do when they need to solve this kind of problem?

Thanks for any thoughts.


If you want to let me know about any tweaks that you find will get it running, I’d be happy to discuss/incorporate them if they make sense.

Ok, great. I’ll make a note of what I have to do and PM it to you.