Unable to build RTAS plug-in project

Hi guys,

I'm a complete newbie to the Juce library. I wanted to get started with creating an RTAS plug-in using Introjucer. I launched Introjucer, created the project (I enabled "Build RTAS") and I opened it in Visual Studio 2010.

When I built it though, I got errors relating to: 1. juce_rtas_digicode_header.h and 2. juce_rtas_digicode1.cpp.

The juce_rtas_digicode_header.h error complains that it cannot open include file "ForcedInclude.h" because it doesn't exist.

The juce_rtas_digicode1.cpp errors complain about being unable to open a number of source files (which include CEffectGroup.cpp, CEffectGroupMIDI.cpp, CEffectMIDIUtils.cpp, and others).

What am I doing wrong here? I downloaded and installed the VST SDK 2.4 to address previous issues related to building for a VST. I've not got that issue anymore.

But it seems that I'm missing some files that are needed to build an RTAS plug-in. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

... anyone? Has no one dealt with this situation before? It sounds like the library was missing some files required to build RTAS (and also AAX) projects properly. 

Is this a matter of getting a specific SDK from the internet? Or should I make some change to the .cpp or .h files before I build them? Or should I be doing something else during config before the project is made? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


If you're trying to build an RTAS plugin, you're going to need the RTAS SDK. Googling "RTAS SDK" or going to Avid's website would be a good place to start.

Hi Jules, thank you so much for your response. Following from that, is there a particular version of the RTAS SDK that I need? I remember on your blog that you required Juce users to use only VST SDK 2.4 to create VSTs with Juce. Thank you. 

Just use whatever's the latest version.