Can anybody build Windows RTAS?

I’ve been standing on my head (unsuccessfully) trying to get a Windows RTAS plugin to build. This is an old issue that I’ve had to return to. In an effort to play it ‘by the book’, I decided to create a plugin using Introjucer. That should work, right? Wrong.
I’m on Win7, using VisualStudio 2010. I checked both VST and RTAS formats (much earlier someone suggested that I might need to do this). Although my preferred RTAS SDK is v9.0, I decided to try using 8.1 (close to the 8.0 that Jules still uses). As far as the basic stuff goes, all I had to do was to add [color=#0040FF]…\AlturaPorts\TDMPlugIns\common\Macros[/color] to the include path. That got me up to linking, but no farther.

I first get a stack of warnings related to imports and locally-defined symbols. Then I get undefined symbols that make it seem like I’m just forgetting a library – missing [color=#0040FF]std::basic_ostream[/color] sort of stuff. But when I try and fix this, it seems to cascade into other issues. It sure seems like I should get a successful build, since Introjucer is the baseline for this stuff.

So Jules, I wonder if you’ve tried to build a Windows RTAS plugin lately using Introjucer. It might be an interesting experience.

After applying this fix, it usually works without problems…