Want a successful RTAS compilation/build on mac

Hi guys,

Seeing around the forum and only found there are threads about win rtas build. So I guess everyone is getting a nice rtas build on mac?

The au and vst builds are so straightforward and easy.

I am on osx 10.8 with xcode 4.4, with the latest juce_2_0_35. The audio plugin project is created by Introjucer and I have set all the paths. And I am using the PT_80_SDK.

Firstly, I got error in Digi’s sdk file:

#ifdef __GNUC__ && __POWERPC__
	#include <ppc_intrinsics.h>  // needed for __eieio

Of course I don’t have ppc headers I think. So I undef the POWERPC flag but the compilation still hits the include line…
So I comment the include statement out, like this.

#ifdef __GNUC__ && __POWERPC__
	//#include <ppc_intrinsics.h>  // needed for __eieio

Right after this, I got undeclared identifer ‘RegEntryID’ error in Dhm_Cards.h.

Dhm_MacObsDataMem(RegEntryID,		regEntryID)
	Dhm_MacObsDataMem(Ptr,				refCon[4])			// Ptr to info struct for PCI slot interrupt. 

	Dhm_StdDataMember(Dhm_Ptr,			quickReadAddr)		// Ptr to address for quick reads (AMCC workaround). 

	Dhm_MacObsDataMem(RegEntryID*,		regEntryIDArrayPtr)	// Ptr to an array of all of the regEntryIDs

The RegEntryID structs simply cannot be found.

How steps do you take to have a successful rtas build?

Thanks in advance.


I’ve run the configuration shell provided by Digi, it did not help since it’s just a bunch of tools.

I cannot even compile the Digi’s PluginLibrary project right, with the same compilation errors.

Use a 10.6.8 and the antique xcode 3.2.x, the Digi’s PluginLibrary and the juce rtas project can just build in a few clicks without any problem…

I have exactly the same issues when trying to build an RTAS plugin...

Please let me know if there is another way to fix it, using MacOS X 10.9 and Xcode 5.1.1

Thanks !

Find a way to download the MAC OS X 10.7 SDK, and use 10.7 SDK to build with RTAS' SDK.

I think the 10.7 SDK is the latest sdk that could work with rtas.

Hi all,

I'm fairly new to Juce and also trying to get the Juce Demo Plug-in to build in RTAS format on Mac OS X. I'm using OS X 10.9 and XCode 5.1.1.

It fails at the linker stage with "library not found for -lPlugInLibrary". Where is this library located? Do I need to build the plug-in library myself using the XCode project in the RTAS SDK? I have tried (following advice on here) but cannot get it to build.

Any help gratefully received!

Thanks in advance,



Hi Mark,

Yes, build the library yourself first… I’d suggest changing the compiler options to c++11 first… And then add the library to your project’s search path.



Hi Rail,

Thanks for the reply. I've tried playing around with the compiler settings but no joy yet. 

The only SDKs available in XCode 5.1.1 are OS X 10.8 and OSX 10.9 - I saw somewhere that I need the OS X 10.7 SDK in order to compile the library - do you know if that's correct?

The screenshot here:  https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32917497/Screen%20Shot%202014-07-22%20at%2013.06.43.png shows the errors I am getting. I can hack my way around the fenv.h errors by removing a few of the preprocessor blocks, but I would prefer not to do that.



You do need to install the 10.6 SDK inside the Xcode package… PM me if you need help getting this to work.