Build RTAS on mac 10.7.4


Hi guys,

I just acquired access to PT SDK, I use introjucer to generate the template dedicated for a RTAS plugin with juce 2.0.
I’m using PT 8.0, as all juce files suggest it.

I’ve seen many threads here about RTAS on windows build issues, I’m also faced with those 97 unresolved link errors.
However I decide not cope with them and turn to build a mac version…

and now even the SDK’s library fails to compile…
The default settings of the SDK’s xcode project are all ppc style, it seems.
I changed to current mac sdk and there’re constant compile errors.

Can anyone give a tutorial about this? Thanks a lot. I really trust that introjucer has done nearly all right settings for me, eg. setting __stdcl for particular files on Win build, so I also trust it on mac.

Another thing I’m curious about is…
when I first started PT 10, I have to say this industry leading software really terrified me in how a super profesionnal’s working environment should look like.
And today when i saw its SDK, this sophisticated and intricate source tree just made me feel that the software takes after this code, like father and son…

so why so many people are using PT instead of others.