RTAS-Plugin on Mac ignores keyboard and mouse input


I’m writing a simple audio plugin to get to know Juce and to get an idea of all the special things to consider with different hosts (having quite some experiences as a developer for Windows, but being a Mac newbie).

My plugin (and the Juce demo plugin) works fine as a VST plugin on Win7 in Cubase and other hosts - i can switch tabs, move sliders, store settings and get proper audio output. But as a RTAS plugin in ProTools 7/8 on Mac OS 10.4 (ppc) and 10.5 (intel) i can only open the plugin GUI and that’s it.
The plugin does not respond to any mouse or keyboard action. The same issue occurs with the Juce demo plugin (the simple keyboard).

To create the RTAS XCode projects (using XCode 3.1) I opened the jucer file of the demo plugin, switched plugin formats from VST+AU to RTAS and stored this as XCode project. In XCode I had to add the header include and library paths for RTAS, then building was possible without any error.

“JucePlugin_EditorRequiresKeyboardFocus” is set properly and I couldn’t find hints concerning other flags or general build settings.
Any idea what’s going wrong here?

So far I could fix any other problems by searching this forum or the web, but I’m totally lost with this.
Please let me know if you need any other information or maybe the project files.
Thanks a lot, f


No idea what’s happening there, TBH…! I wasn’t aware of any such problems. Which version of juce are you using?


I’m not sure - I downloaded it in May 2011, but I can’t find a revision string anywhere.
I guess I should do an update and check what’s going on then.

Another possible problem: I did not build the RTAS library on my machine or configure(?) it properly, I just took it from another machine and was happy to do a build without errors. Could this cause troubles like this?

Thanksa lot, F


Yeah, get the latest version and build the lib on your machine.


Hi Jules,

in the meantime I’ve got a new Mac and was happy to see that the DemoPlugin just worked there with ProTools 9 & 10.

Unfortunately it still does not work on ProTools 7.

That’s why I exactly do:

  • put ProTools SDK 7.3 here: /code/SDKs/PT_73_SDK

  • run config_SDK_for_Mac

  • build code/SDKs/PT_73_SDK/AlturaPorts/TDMPlugIns/PlugInLibrary/MacBuild/PluginLibrary.xcodeproj (MacOS 10.5, Release)

  • put Juce 1.54.27 here: /code/juce

  • start Introjucer, open /code/juce/extras/audio plugins/demo/JuceDemoPlugin.jucer

  • change project to RTAS-only, set RTAS-folder, save it

  • open and build /code/juce/extras/audio plugins/demo/Builds/MacOSX/JuceDemoPlugin.xcodeproj (10.5, Release)

  • getting an error because of missing header file, add path /code/SDKs/PT_73_SDK/AvidCode/AVX2sdk/AVX/avx2/avx2sdk/inc/

  • now build without errors

It does not matter whether I do that on OSX 10.5.7 with XCode 3.1 or on OSX 10.7 with XCode 3.2 - the plugin shows up
in all ProTools versions, but in ProTools 7 & 8 the GUI does not interact with mouse or keyboard.

Starting playback starts the timecode, but the GUI does not react on any input. Even resizing does not work. I’m still wondering
what I might have missed…

I’ve attached the XCode project, maybe there’s something apparent missing?

Would be cool to get a similar project file from someone else, then I could check if that might work for me and compare settings.

Thanks a lot for any help, Florian