RTAS compile on Mac all in one plugin


Hi Jules,

It seems the actual documentation lacks some precision regarding RTAS building.

It seems you need to remove the line
in rtas xconfigs

otherwise other plugin format won’t build due to some obj-c error.



Ah, ok, thanks. I’ll add that to the docs.


Or maybe overriding it in the target of the demo plugin, so the juce plugin demo build out of the box.

By the way, do you use SDK version 8 or 7.3 because I still have some issue
make it recognize by Protools even after changing the OsType thingy ?



I’m still using 7.3. It’s such a pain to upgrade to a new version, though I probably should…


Well it compiles out of the box with PT SDK 8.0
Just unzip the 8.0 SDK, run the command, and you’re setup.

I don’t see where the pain would come from.


I’m sure you’re right, I just remember it being a lot of hassle!