Bundling Juce Modules With an Introjucer Project

I have a project that I want to distribute to some people but don’t really want them to have to worry about the Juce library code. I thought the idea of the Introjucer “Copy the module into the project folder” option was so that you could distribute the library around with your project.

However if I change the Local JUCE folder to “JuceLibraryCode/modules” (i.e. the copied modules folder) I get a blank AppConfig.h file and the modules folder is removed.

I presume that this is because of some circular reference i.e. trying to copy the source into the folder that it already resides in.

Am I going about this the wrong way?

Yes, that’s exactly what it’s for. But everything inside that JuceLibraryCode folder gets created and managed by the introjucer, so if you try to actually put your master juce folder inside it, then of course it’ll get blitzed in the process!