The 'JuceLibraryCode/module' if the project is added on a different platform than the original creator


I'm using Juce 3.0.7.

The original project is created on Windows 8.1.

If I start the Introducer on OSX or Linux, (same Juce version) and add a .cpp+.h file and save the project, then the 'JuceLibraryCode/module' directory is deleted.

I'd like to use the option of embedding the modules with the project, so that I can simply pull it and build it without having to maintain an external Juce Modules project/directory.

Is there a way for me get this to work?



The introjucer works the same on all platforms if it's set up correctly.

If it's failing to save the modules folder then maybe it's because on your linux machine you don't actually have the module sources in the right place for it to find them?