Introjucer wont create a project on a different drive

under windows, say if you have your juce repository on D:, it wont create a project on C:

actually, it pretends to do it, but the modules directory is not there.


– hugh.

I did a few fixes that sound a bit like this a couple of weeks ago - are you using the latest stuff?

And when you say the modules directory’s not there, do you mean the one that it creates inside the project’s JuceLibraryCode folder?

im using the tip as of last night, although my older version did the same (ie before i updated).

However, i’ve just tried it again and it works! although before i tried several times and it wasnt working. i wonder if this is a file locked or opened thing.

I’ll try some more tests. If i can get it to repeat, i’ll send in more specific details.

– hugh.

Computers, eh? Let me know if you track it down!